VMS Boards from Barriers Plus

Barriers Plus are your best bet for traffic management equipment rental in the Victoria region, including VMS Boards or Variable Message board hire. These dynamic message boards allow for a changeable message to be displayed as advance warning signs for safety and traffic management. Our rugged, trailer mounted VMS Boards are suitable for outdoor use in all weather and under all conditions on roads, highways, construction sites, mining and utilities sites.

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VMS Boards for Hire are Remotely programed and allows for real time traffic information to be uploaded as required. The VMS board acts as an electronic road sign for all traffic management applications.

A radio link to the trailer facilitates updating the message, making it easy to manage the message board via a remote laptop or pc. At the trailer itself, a plug-in touch-screen panel allows hard-wired setting of your required message. There is even a scheduling facility to change what is being displayed on the Variable Message Signs at pre-set times.

Our portable, trailer mounted VMS boards for hire are versatile and reliable. Fully compliant to Australian standards, they are economical and environmentally friendly, with solar panels and batteries to ensure continuous, 24 hour operation with low power consumption.

Once positioned, the Variable Message Signs can be rotated to make sure the message is angled to provide optimum visibility to road users.

Sturdy, clear screens with glare reduction ensure bright, highly visible messages, even in harsh daylight. Good resolution and luminosity are achieved by the strong, directional LEDs. Barriers Plus can supply LED signs with a single colour amber display or a 5 colour display, ie.red, green, blue, white and amber.

Our VMS Boards for Hire

Designed to catch the eye, our VMS Boards can provide warning or advice and display pieces of important information. Portable VMS signs can be used as traffic management signage and to display messages for many purposes, in a much more effective way than hand held traffic control signs.

Most often, they are used as digital road signs for traffic control, advice and management to inform road users about:

  • hazard warnings to guide and advise motorists
  • upcoming or current road work or roadside construction
  • changed traffic conditions
  • diversions or road closures
  • alternate routes
  • traffic calming
  • revised speed limits journey time information
  • parking information and guidance.

Use VMS Boards for hire to make an impact with digital advertising or for safety sign hire, to impart other information in situations for:

  • safety messages & communications
  • public service announcements
  • schools & colleges
  • local marketing
  • sales and promotions
  • advertising for businesses or events
  • concerts and festivals
  • natural disasters.

Displaying Messages on VMS Boards for Hire

Our mobile VMS Signs have displays in single colour, ie. amber, or 5 colour LEDs. They have capability of up to 4 lines of message, each line having as many as 12 characters. Settings can be set to automatic, however the brightness and contrast can be controlled if necessary, to adjust for specific situation conditions.

The screen can be raised and lowered to requirements before being firmly locked in position. Messages should be set as large as possible for highest clarity at distance viewing.

You have full control over the Variable Message Signs message you display. It can be entered via a hand held unit connected to the trailer, or remotely from a pc, laptop or tablet or even by SMS using your phone. To display your variable message, simply type your desired wording and upload to the screen – no programming required. Live message changes can be carried out remotely, allowing for rapid alteration of the message on the screen when updates are needed to be displayed.

In terms of message content, keep messages simple and effective. A good format for planned road work messages is to display the date and time, followed by the location of the planned works. Below that, add the details of the work to be undertaken and its effects or any specific action advice. More instant messages may include notification of an incident, congestion and queue warnings, together with details of revised journey times. Emergency signs only need to state the location, direction and cause of the emergency.

One good tip is to limit your messages in size for maximum effectiveness. There is often a limited window of time for the viewers to read and absorb the message display details of electronic signs. It is recommended that you use only eight words, or less, or provide only six units of information on one VMS sign board.

Get VMS Boards for hire from Barriers Plus

Barriers Plus signs trailers are on offer for sign hire in the Melbourne area and throughout Victoria. Trailer setup can be completed by an individual. Simply tow the unit into position and secure. This allows for easy installation and also fast removal from the site upon completion of the job.

Our tough sign board trailers are built for use in Australia, manufactured to the high quality Australian standards required. The sturdy protected sign and trailer unit is resistant to vandalism or tampering. Once positioned, the sign board trailer remains operational and trouble free for the entire duration of the job. GPS tracking of the trailer allows for its precise location to be known and monitored. Alarm locks and wheel locks are supplied for added security.

The VMS trailer sign you hire has a smart, powder coated finish on the trailer for durability and aesthetics. The hardened screen of the sign on the trailer is perfect for tolerating our tough Australian conditions. It can handle extremes of heat and cold and is resistant to damage from weather, vandalism or road debris.

When you hire a sign on a trailer, you receive a solar powered unit with powerful batteries for long display life. The low maintenance batteries supplied with the trailer allow for trouble-free operation once positioned, though we do provide 24/7 round-the-clock support on every unit hired.

Quality and full functionality are assured. Our VMS Boards for hire are fully tested before every rental. We caution that care should be taken to ensure the trailer sign does not provide a hazard to pedestrians, cyclists or other road users, especially the sign board itself which may be at head height. If necessary, barriers should be placed around the trailer to ensure safe use of the display sign. Ask us about barrier hire if they are going to be required.

Arrow Boards and Traffic Equipment Hire

Barriers Plus provide a range of VMS Arrow Boards screen sizes on our popular, trailer-based unit, suitable as sign hire for road signs and different applications. Choose the one you need, or if you want to detour traffic with a well-placed, highly visible arrow, call for our arrow sign trailers. These bright, highly visible arrow signs will be sure to send everyone in the right direction.

VSLS and Speed Advisory VMS

We also have radar speed monitoring equipment and signage available. These specially configured units can supply a message and/or the motorist’s speed in response to passers-by.

Barriers Plus also hire out mobile lighting towers for illuminating hazards, roadworks, events and other situations, which may also require Variable Message Signs.

See our portable traffic lights for hire and rent all you need with confidence from Barriers Plus. If you have any questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page or FAQ.

Ask us today about our great deals on longer term VMS hire for major project works or ongoing mobile advisory notices.

Whatever your traffic management or information signage needs, call Barriers Plus today to discuss our convenient, cost-effective options today for VMS Boards for Hire and display panel hire in Melbourne.