Barriers For Hire From Barriers Plus

1 Safety Barriers
2 Crowd Control Barriers
3 Water Filled Barriers
4 Traffic Barriers
5 Noise Control Barriers

Safety Barriers

Barriers Plus are your first point of call for all types of safety barriers in Australia, servicing Melbourne and the Greater Melbourne area of Victoria.

Our great range of safety barriers for hire are rugged and stable, tough enough for our harsh Australian conditions. Highly visible, they join together to provide temporary safety barrier solutions exactly where needed. They can be used for almost any on-site application, whether it is for construction, roads, special events, public works projects or government operations.

Easy to transport and install, they help regulate traffic, in the area, diverting vehicles and limiting access to designated areas, creating queues, if necessary, for safety. This action helps to protect people, vehicles and equipment as well as securing valuable company assets.

Safety Barriers

Contact Barriers Plus today for professional advice on safety barriers solutions, an initial survey of your site and a free quotation for your requirements.

Crowd Control Barriers

All public events, roadworks and construction require some form of crowd control barriers. When you need to create a safe perimeter to a construction site, event location or hazardous area, choose Barriers Plus as your premier provider for safety barriers in the Victoria area. We can assist with creating and controlling strategic access and crowd management at events, sites and races.

Our crowd barriers help to:

  • control the flow of pedestrians
  • restrict access and regulate or control queuing
  • protect the safety of competitors, spectators and the public

We provide various levels of protection and enclosure, including temporary fencing for a light delineation of the area to concrete-based crowd control barriers. We supply metal fencing, with an option of concrete feet for additional stability. Plastic, Water-filled safety barriers may also be used for the purpose of controlling high volumes of people, if the situation demands.


Barriers Plus crowd control barriers are:
durable – hard wearing, weatherproof, multi-use
portable – light, fast and easy to set up
secure – connect continuously with no spaces
stackable – for easy storage and transportation

Additional features can include gates, notice boards, stillages and even noise control, which can be added to our basic fencing options. Call Barriers Plus to help with your requirements. Our experienced staff have dealt with most situations and serviced every kind of event requirement over our many years of equipment hire operation.

Do not risk losing control of the crowds! Enforce your safety conditions and prevent issues by emphasising this essential factor in event hosting and management.

Let Barriers Plus help ensure that your event or operation is well organised and safe with our crowd control safety barriers – Call us today on 1300 001 131

Water Filled Barriers

When you think of water filled barriers for the Melbourne area, think Barriers Plus!

Need to:
• guide traffic?
• provide security?
• set up route Diversions?
• segregate vehicles and people?

High performance, heavy duty water filled barriers are perfect for managing people and vehicles at outdoor events. Light to transport, but made heavy and stable once in situ, they provide the perfect solution to maintaining safety whilst providing a guiding pathway.

Why Water Filled Barriers?

In bright, highly visible colours, our heavy duty water filled barriers lock together to provide a high level of protection by exclusion. Used all over the world at major events and sites, these high-performance barriers are easy to manoeuvre into position before filling with water to secure. Curved, bends and angles are easily accommodated by this modular solution, making the whole system sturdy and immovable.

An excellent alternative to concrete barriers, water filled barriers can be lifted by one person – no cranes or forklifts needed. Their water filling is easily sourced and just as easily disposed of after use.

Perfect for roadworks, our water filled barriers can also be used at indoor events, arenas, stadiums, exhibition centres, on vacant properties, large scale outdoor events, crowded events and to enforce area restrictions.

Secure public areas with water filled barriers from Barriers Plus.

Traffic Barriers

Why Choose Us for Traffic Barriers?

Choose Barriers Plus traffic barriers for the sturdy reliability and easy, customisable setup of our hire equipment. We deliver to the site on time and with reliability. Let us help provide the perfect solution to your traffic barrier needs.

We provide heavy-duty barriers, including ArmorZone™ Barriers, that suit any type of commercial space and are ideal for internal and external use. Designed specifically for stopping vehicles, they prevent costly damage of buildings, machinery and other plant and help protect lives in dangerous environments.

We only use quality equipment, sourced from trusted manufacturers and suppliers, like ArmorZone™. Our goal is to provide the most durable, cost-effective and practical option for our commercial and industrial customers.

Our Barriers Plus installers are all experienced professionals and we offer full service equipment hire and support throughout the Melbourne area. The safety and traffic barriers we install meet all current Health and Safety requirements for Australia and comply with prevailing Building Regulations.

Please contact us today to discuss road and verge safety barriers and protection systems. Barriers Plus can supply and construct a custom solution with the required protection level, always at an extremely competitive price.

Please get in touch with us today for professional advice about traffic barriers, an initial survey of your site and a free, no-obligation quotation.

Noise Control Barriers

When you need highway noise reduction barriers, look no further than Barriers Plus. Make your work areas acceptable and reduce noise in public areas with our effective solution.

Our smart, portable barriers have a dual action. The panels block soundwaves from excessively noisy sources. They also absorb any sound waves that do reach the area. This results in noise effective reduction for sound control.

Easily installed by one person, our sound control barriers can reduce the decibels to an acceptable level, for example a reduction of 26dB at 1,000Hz.

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