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Outdoor Noise Control Barriers

Noise Control barrier

Our Outdoor Noise Control Barriers provide a maximum noise reduction by combining sound barrier and noise absorption properties in one panel. Fully portable with a one man installation, they reduce noise by a number of decibels to help you comply with government legislation and to keep on working.

Soundproofing your construction site allows workers and contractors to continue, yet providing low level noise and safety to the public. The noise barriers are manufactured to suit a wide range of noise frequencies. NATA-tested (AS ISO 354-2006), they have been lab-tested to provide 26dB reduction at 1000Hz.

Outdoor Noise Control Barriers Specifications

Night worksAustralian made and manufactured
Drilling sitesQuick, safe and simple to install
Civic Engineering sites (Tunnel & Rail projects)Short or long term applications
Generators/light towersFully transportable
Construction siteHung from temporary site fencing, hoarding and scaffolding
Earth and Road worksFire and weatherproof
Refurbishments on occupied buildings
Compressors, saws and other loud equipment